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The St. Abbs Community Website is a non-profit making organization, operated for and on behalf of the community un-encumbered by commercial interests. It will be managed by a committee accountable to the community for its content and development, financial and operational integrity and its support of the services listed below.


The Website is an information utility designed to provide the following services:

  • To advance the understanding and use of the Internet for the benefit of both the individual and the community of St. Abbs.
  • To broadcast the history and provide information of general interest about St. Abbs and the surrounding area.
  • To act as a communications vehicle on issues of interest and value to the community.
  • To provide a vehicle for individuals and special interest groups to broadcast their activities.
  • To enable local business and organizations to advertise and communicate their products and services.

Terms of reference:

The Committee will be responsible for ensuring the quality and integrity of the website consistent with its role as a utility for the use and benefit of the community.

It will be responsible for the operations of the Web-Site formulating policies and good practice for the operation of the site and its relationship with other sites and the community at large.

Maintaining editorial and operating independence from any and all external organizations.

The committee's accountability to the community will be achieved through encouraging community participation in its development and annually holding an open meeting to review the status and performance of the site.

The financing of the Website will be sought through grants, sponsorship, endorsements and donations, with excess funds being donated to local charities, interest groups or other good causes.

Rules and Constitution:

The following are the rules and constitution of the committee responsible for the management and development of the St. Abbs Community Website.

  • The committee shall consist of five members, to include a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and two co-opted members. The members of the committee will elect the officers.
  • No meeting of the committee shall be in quorum unless at least the Chairperson or their nominated representative is present, together with at least two additional members of the committee.
  • Should a member resign or be removed from office by a motion supported by a majority of the remainder of the committee, a replacement may be co-opted by invitation following the approval of a majority of the committee.
  • The Chairperson controls the working of the committee agreeing and managing agendas and bringing about resolution having a casting vote when appropriate.
  • The Secretary's role is to record all formal communication between the committee and external agencies. Take the minutes of committee meetings and circulate to all committee members.
  • The Treasurer's principle role is to control and record the use of the finances available to the committee. All receipts and payments must be made through the Treasurer.
  • A bank account will be established with the Royal Bank of Scotland. Any cheques or other instructions on behalf of the committee must be signed by the Chairperson.

The financial year will run from September 1st to August 31st. An annual meeting will be held following each financial year-end when the accounts and any donations will be agreed upon and the Chairman's report will be presented for approval.

The committee members will stand for a maximum of 5 years after which they can offer themselves for re-election alongside new candidates, which will be voted upon at the annual meeting.

An extraordinary meeting can be called by any one officer or other committee member supported by an officer. Notice of such a meeting shall be seven days.

List of Contributors

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the St. Abbs Community Website.

Jim Greenfield
Jim has been responsible for the development of content for the Diving Information section. He is an accomplished under water photographer and has kindly supplied several photographs for use on this site.

Bob Thompson
Bob supplied the article "A Night to Remember" which is a recount by deceased Harbour master George Colven of the sinking of the Alfred Erlandsen.

Brian Smith
Brian supplied the photographs of the Jane Hay and Inshore Rescue Boat.

Rennie Weatherhead
Rennie spent time making sure the history of St. Æbbe was factually correct. He has also kindly supplied the article titled "St. Æbbe's Life".

Angus Skene
Angus gave us access to his collections of historical postcards of the village.

Peter Hood
Peter gave us access to his collections of historical postcards of the village.

Peter Nisbet
Peter gave us access to his collections of historical postcards of the village.

Peter Nisbet
Peter gave us access to his collections of historical postcards of the village.

Ken Lochhead
Allowed us to reproduce a watercolour of St. Abbs Harbour, showing herring nets hung out ot dry.

We would also like to thank all the local businesses which are advertised on the website for their finiacial support.



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