The History of Our Village

The Under Row.

The Under Row, in 1868.

St. Abbs was originally called Coldingham shore and prior to any buildings the fishermen who worked their boats from the beach resided at Fisher's Brae in Coldingham and had to carry their baited lines and other gear the one and a half miles down the Creel Path to the Shore.

The first building in St. Abbs was constructed on the site of the present Rock House. About the middle of the 18th century followed later by a row of 5 houses. This first row of houses (the Under Row) where constructed in a traditional Scottish style with a central fire and a wide chimney. The walls where constructed of "Clat and Clay" a framework of wood interlaced with straw and daubed over with moist clay.

By 1832 it is recorded that the inhabitants of the Shore comprised sixteen families, who with twenty others residing in Coldingham, obtained their livelihood by fishing. In addition to these, thirty people proceeded annually to the North for the herring fishing, which gave employment for fourteen boats from the village, then called Northfield Shore.

The village was renamed at the end of the 19th century by the then Laird Mr Andrew Usher, to its present title St. Abbs.

St Abbs Harbour.

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