St. Abbs Lifeboat

St. Abbs Lifeboat.

Launching the St. Abbs Lifeboat

The St. Abbs lifeboat station was founded after the tragic loss of nineteen lives on the S.S. Alfred Erlandsen on 17th October 1907. The vessel was lost on the Ebb Carrs, treacherous rocks located only a few hundred yards from the shore. The lost of the vessel was witnessed by the whole community, and it took several hours for the nearest lifeboats to reach the scene, by which time the were to late.

A woman known as Jane Hay who witnessed the disaster began a campaige to impressed upon the authorities the urgent need of a lifeboat at St. Abbs. Her efforts finally proved successful with the opening of the St. Abbs Lifeboat Station on the 25th April 1911. In recognition of her efforts she was appointed as Honorary Secretary of the new station.


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Contact Details

Station Manager: Alistair Crowe
Address: St. Abbs Lifeboat Station
   Middle Pier, St. Abbs Harbour
   St. Abbs
   TD14 5QF
Telephone: 018907 71250 (Do not contact in an emergency)

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