Photographs Old and New

St. Abbs has always been popular with photographers and one of the richest resources illustrating the village’s history is the large number of postcards depicting the village and surrounding area through the years.

Robbie Nisbet 

Many of the photographs of the village were taken by Robbie Nisbet, who was once the village grocer, sub-postmaster and general merchant. Robbie’s family owned and ran the local shop. In a time before supermarket when few people had a car the village shop was the centre of village life. It sold just everything from a needle to an anchor and if they didn’t stock it they would go to no end to procure it for the customer. 

Putting Green taken by Robbie Nisbet.

Robbie Nisbet was also a passionate photographer selling his photographs as postcards from the village shop. Many of the postcards shown in the following pages where taken by Robbie Nisbet. Look out for the initials R.N. on the postcards. 

Village Life

Picking up where Robbie Nisbet left off, the Community Website has collected together photographs which document village life. Click here here to see the photographs. We have also setup a group on the photograph sharing website Flickr. So if you have a photograph you'd like to share please join the St. Abbs group, Just the follow this link to see the latest pictures: St. Abbs Group on the Flickr website.


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