Shore Diver Charter Boat skippered by Paul Crowe



The charter boat Shore Diver is operated by Paul Crowe.

Paul is a local man, his family have been fishermen for generations, so not surprisingly, Paul chose the same career for himself, following in the family tradition. Fishing the seas for ten years, Paul gained a vast experience, especially of the North Sea off the East Coast of Scotland and in particular the local coastal waters. He is the helmsman and mechanic of the St.Abbs Lifeboat and his local knowledge of the coastline and history that surrounds St.Abbs and Eyemouth is vast, adding to the pleasurable experience of his charter passengers.

Having diving experience himself, Paul knows just how much this area has to offer, both below and above the surface. He welcomes new visitors and old friends alike and is pleased to share his experience and knowledge with them.



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Contact Details 

Skipper: Paul Crowe
Boat Name: Shore Diver
Telephone: 018907 71945
Mobile: 07710 961 050

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