Wreck of the Alfred Erlandsen

Wreck of the Alfred Erlandsen.

Wreck of the Alfred Erlandsen.

What remains of the Alfred Erlandsen is in shallow water on the Ebb Carrs, a small group of rocks roughly south east from St Abbs harbour which show about two and a half hours after high water. The boilers and a few beams are right in the centre of these rocks in about 7 meters but this is a very exposed location and tremendous swells can sweep across it. As a result, the rest of the remains have been smashed and scattered all over the place. Small items have been found as far away as the gullies off the harbour wall and a porthole complete with glass was picked up a few metres off Jock's Nose (the small headland which is the southern edge of St Abbs village).

The Ebb Carrs is a good dive in its own right, particularly on the seaward side. However, if you choose to dive this side, any pieces of wreckage that you come across about 400m to the north east are probably the remains of the Vigilant, an Eyemouth trawler which ploughed into these rocks in the early 1980's and drifted off before sinking. What wreckage that is left of the Alfred Earlandson tends to be on the landward side which is less scenic, shallower and consequently more kelpy. You are more likely to find keepsakes here after a really heavy swell.

The Crew of the Alfred Erlandsen.

A picture showing the crew of the ill fated Alfred Erlandsen.

The current at this location can be pretty fierce on a falling tide as a large volume of water held in Coldingham Bay, pours north east through the area. This makes for an uncomfortable dive and has a very significant effect on the visibility. The current is much more easy to manage when the tide is rising and visibility is likely to be far better.

Wreck Details

Location: Ebb Carrs, St. Abbs
Date of Loss: 2nd October 1907
Cause of Loss: Ran aground in fog
Type: Steamship
Length: 208.0 ft
Beam: 31.0 ft
Draught: 14.1 ft
Tonnage: 954 gross tons
Depth of Water: 15 metres

Text by Jim Greenfield.

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